Indian Hills Annual Byte Jam

Indian Hills Community College will host their 12th annual Byte Jam competition on Tuesday, November 12, 2024.

Indian Hills is excited to open this event to area high schools, and it is our hope that we might build interest in this ever-growing career field!

This competition will help to introduce students to the coding and design processes that go into the apps and websites they use every day. Teams have a choice of making a mobile or web application.

What is Byte Jam?

Byte Jam is a team-based competition, with each team working on its own version around a central theme, with area schools competing against one another. Although students will be working from their own site, they won’t be doing it alone! Indian Hills Software Development Students will be able to respond to any questions that the teams may have via email at [email protected].

Students can ask for help with any aspect of creating the mobile app or website application, from technical coding questions, to design issues, and anything in between. There are no limits on team size or the number of teams that a school may have.


Byte Jam's 2024 Theme: "Time Travel"

This year, our theme for high school and college students is: Time Travel!  

High School Student Teams

Teams typically consist of 4 students, but may have more or less if needed. Each team must come up with a team name. Team names used by past Indian Hills students include “We Heart Coding”, "Le Website", "Weakest Links", and "Mustang Mayhem", so don’t be afraid to get creative or silly. Again, it is up to the coaches to decide what is acceptable.

T-shirts will be provided by Indian Hills for all participants. High School teams are able to work on their projects as much as their schedules will allow prior to the competition date.

High School teams are broken into 2 divisions.  Bits division are those teams with little to no prior programming experience and Bytes division for those teams that have had some programming classes or  experiences. It is up to the team coach to make this determination.


Event Details

Tuesday, November 12, 2024
Meeting Invitations will be sent prior to event date
Hosted by Indian Hills Community College

Team Registration

Thank you for your interest in the Indian Hills Community College Annual Byte Jam Competition. Registration for the 2024 12th Annual Byte Jam is now open! Please make sure to read the (**Instructions) section at the bottom of the form description before clicking Add to Cart, to ensure your registration is filled out properly.

All team registrations must be completed by Friday, October 4, 2024.

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Industry Participation

Representatives from many companies attend our event participating in the judging of projects, sharing job & internship opportunities, and conducting interviews. Businesses give presentations regarding the direction of the industry, types of employees they are interested in, and the many opportunities available. This mini job fair is extremely successful in allowing students to learn about the many companies that hire our students.

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Projects are judged by coaches, and students. Each judge submits their scores on a website that can be accessed through their mobile phone.

  • Students
    • Amazement – Did the team’s project amaze you?
    • Theme – Did the project represent the theme well?
    • Performance – Did the project do its job?
  • Coaches & Companies
    • Creativity - Is the team’s project and original idea?
    • Professionalism – Did the team conduct themselves in a businesslike manner?
    • Communication – Could the team explain their project clearly?
    • Visual Design – Does the design look nice and well put together?
    • Performance – Does the project do its intended purpose?

Awarding of Prizes

First, second, and student choice winners are recognized at the event. First place receives a traveling trophy and both teams receive individual trophies and prizes. Club scholarships of $1,200 are also awarded to high school students planning to attend our program.



If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Susan Wilson.

Susan Wilson, Computer Software Development Instructor
Indian Hills Community College
525 Grandview Avenue Ottumwa, Iowa 52501

[email protected]
Phone: (641) 683-5111 ext. 1760