CLEP Examination

Indian Hills Community College complies with Iowa College’s agreement that only CLEP scores meeting ACE recommended scores receive credit (see chart below). Students may use a maximum of 18 credits towards a degree at Indian Hills, although CLEP Exams will not influence your GPA (grade point average). IHCC will award NO credit for transferred CLEP Exams. If you plan to transfer, check the institution policies on transferability of CLEP Exams.

Exams are administered on a computer and are approximately 90 minutes long with the exception of College Composition which is approximately 120 minutes long. Currently the fee for CLEP testing is $93 per exam to CLEP, and an additional $35 fee to Indian Hills. These payments must be separate payments. The IHCC fee can be in the form of check, debit, credit, cash or money order.

If you do not meet the minimum required score to receive credit, you must wait three months before you can retake the same exam. Retake fees are the same as original fees. Credit will not be granted if the examination duplicates a course previously passed or failed at IHCC. Scores will be received immediately upon completion with the exception of the College Composition with essay. For that particular test, allow 4-5 weeks for your score.

To register for the CLEP Exams, go to and purchase your test. Then contact the Testing Center (Trustee Hall) at 641-683-5142 in Ottumwa or (641) 856-2143 in Centerville to schedule your test appointment. Please print your ticket and bring it to your scheduled appointment along with a government issued photo ID.

Preparation for Testing: Free online class to prepare for CLEP Official CLEP prep materials.

The following is a list of approved CLEP Exams at IHCC:

CLEP Test Equivalent IHCC Course # Required Score Credits Granted
American Literature American Literature (LIT 110) 50 3
Analysis and Interpretation of Literature Introduction to Literature (LIT 101) 50 3
English Literature British Literature (LIT 140) 50 3
College Composition  Composition I (ENG 105)
Composition II (ENG 106)
50 6
College French Elementary French I (FLF 131)
Elementary French II (FLF 132)
50 6
College French Elementary French I (FLF 131)
Elementary French II (FLF 132)
Elementary French III (FLF 133)
63 9
College Spanish Elementary Spanish I (FLS 131)
Elementary Spanish II (FLS 132)
50 6
College Spanish Elementary Spanish I (FLS 131)
Elementary Spanish II (FLS 132)
Elementary Spanish III (FLS 133)
63 9
College Spanish with Writing Intermediate Spanish I (FLS 231)
Intermediate Spanish II (FLS 232)
50 6
American Government American National Government (POL 111) 50 3
American History I: Early Colonization to 1877 US History to 1877 (HIS 151) 50 3
American History II: 1865 to Present US History since 1877 (HIS 152) 50 3
Growth and Development Developmental Psychology (PSY 121) 50 3
Introductory Psychology Inroduction to Psychology (PSY 111) 50 3
Introduction to Educational Psychology  Educational Psychology (PSY 281) 5 3
Principles of Macroeconomics Principles of Macroeconomics (ECN 120) 50 3
Principles of Microeconomics Principles of Microeconomics (ECN 130) 50 3
Introductory Sociology Introductory Sociology (SOC 110) 50 3
Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 1648 Western Civilization I: Ancient to Early Modern (HIS 110) 50 3
Western Civilization II: 1648 to Present Western Civilization: Early Modern to Present (HIS 111) 50 3
Calculus Calculus I (MAT 210) 50 4
College Algebra College Algebra (MAT 120) 50 3
Pre-Calculus Pre-Calculus (MAT 125) 50 3
General Biology Introductory Biology (BIO 101) Does NOT satisfy LAB 50 2
Financial Accounting Principles of Accounting I (ACC 121) 50 3
Principles of Management Principles of Management (MGT 101) 50 3
Principles of Marketing Principles of Marketing (MKT 110) 50 3

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