Vehicles and Parking

Parking Arrangements

Parking Permits for students can be picked up by visiting the campus bookstore located inside Warrior Commons during normal business hours (7:30am-4:30pm- Monday-Thursday). Parking Permits for Employees can be picked up by visiting the Human Resources Department located on the Ottumwa Campus Admin Building.

Please complete a parking permit application by visiting and signing into once you have added your vehicle information and applied for a parking permit you will be able to pick up your parking permit.

  1. Commuter Students: Students who commute to campus daily will be assigned a (B) lot designation. This B permit allows parking in either an A/B combo lot or a B permit lot. NO parking is permitted for commuter students in any R or A lot designation.
  2. Resident Students: Students who reside in the residence halls will be assigned a (R) Lot designation.  This R permit allows parking in any R lot designated for residence and is the only parking lots on campus which allows for 24hr parking. R permit users are allowed to park in either A/B combo lots or B permit lots only during specified times (7am-11pm).
  3. Employees: Faculty and Staff of Indian Hills Community College will be assigned a (A) lot designation. This A permit allows for parking in any lot during the applicable times. It should be noted that staff should only elect to park only in (R) lots reserved for resident hall students when they will be gone for an extended period of time and are electing to leave their personnel vehicles on campus. All other times parking should be in any A lot designation or A/B combo lot.

Parking Regulations

Parking Violation Appeal Form