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libbyLibby Serkies, T&L Instructional Coach

Libby Serkies serves as the Instructional Coach for Indian Hills Community College as a member of the Teaching and Learning Center team. Libby has been a part of the Teaching and Learning Team and Indian Hills Community College for just a year but already feels so at home here it’s as if she’s been here much longer than that.  

Libby began her career in education as a high school teacher in a small northern Illinois farming community and ended her K-12 career teaching middle school in Las Vegas, Nevada. Libby’s background also includes university-level professional development efforts in Illinois, adult education program management, crisis intervention counseling, and more. Libby is also the author of Teaching Adults: A Math Resource Book. Additionally, Libby has presented at numerous regional, state, and national conferences.  

Libby believes in the power of education to truly transform peoples’ lives. Her enthusiasm and deep knowledge base in curriculum, instruction, and assessment make her an invaluable resource to IHCC faculty and staff. Libby loves getting to interact with faculty in coaching conversations or in large group discussions. Libby’s greatest satisfaction in her role is seeing a faculty member try a new instructional strategy and get excited when it is successful.  

When not working, Libby enjoys making jewelry, reading, sitting by her fire pit, and spending time with her family. Libby and her family enjoy playing many different board games and engaging in trivia contests.  

To Contact: 
Phone Number: 641.683.5111 ext. 1739
Email: Libby.Serkies@IndianHills.edu


jonJon Dorman, Construction Technology Program Director and Instructor

Jon Dorman is the Program Director for Construction Technology (and an IHCC alum!) and has been with Indian Hills for six years. Before coming to IHCC as an instructor/Program Director, Jon was a craftsman and excelled in cabinet making, which he did for 14 years, and was also the Working Project Manager at Cline Companies for 13 years. Anyone who has interacted with Jon immediately feels his passion and excitement for his work with his students. Jon will tell you his goal is to make the Construction Technology program the best in the state and ultimately the country!

Jon is the newest Teaching and Learning Specialist and as such has been learning right along side the faculty members he supports. Jon enjoys his interactions with faculty from across the institution because he likes being surrounded by talented and creative people! Jon also is mentoring all of his Construction Technology faculty members as they come on board, and mentors other new faculty members who teach in our Career and Technical Education programs. 

Outside of IHCC, Jon is an avid snowmobiler and finds great contentment and satisfaction working on and riding antique snowmobiles. 

To Contact: 
Phone Number: 641.856.2143 ext. 2236
Email: Jon.Dorman@IndianHills.edu

brandeaBrandea McCann, Mathematics Program Director and Instructor

Brandea McCann has served Indian Hills Community College in several capacities since accepting the original position of full-time tutor and developmental math instructor in the Success Center in July of 2011. After several years, she transitioned to tutoring half-time while teaching mathematics in the Arts & Sciences department half-time.

Eventually, Brandea was given an opportunity to become a Teaching and Learning Specialist in a new program that was being piloted. She then became a half-time T&L Specialist and half-time instructor of mathematics. When a director for the new T&L program was hired, her T&L position became a supplemental position. Teaching mathematics became her full-time position while simultaneously accepting the position of Program Director for the mathematics department.

Prior to IHCC, Brandea taught high school mathematics for 12 years, teaching all levels of math, including dual credit courses. Teaching has always been her passion. So, it’s not surprising that she enjoys educating new faculty as well as the students that take her courses. Her favorite part of being a T&L Specialist is training new faculty in the technological systems that are required as an IHCC instructor. She also loves paying forward the skills that she once learned from veteran teachers at the start of her career to new faculty that have not had an opportunity to teach before their employment at IHCC. When Brandea is not working, she is also passionate about traveling, scuba diving, gardening, and hanging out at home with her family and several pets.

To Contact: 
Phone Number: 641.726.2585 ext. 1803
Email: Brandea.McCann@IndianHills.edu


angieAngie Sieren, Mathematics Instructor

Angie Sieren is a mathematics faculty member who has been with Indian Hills Community College for 23 years! Angie brings a tremendous amount of experience to her role at IHCC - she has taught math at the high school level and has taught a range of math subjects from developmental math to statistics and higher levels of math. At IHCC, Angie has specialized in teaching math for Arts & Sciences students and currently works with Advanced Technology students to master the math they need in their careers to be successful. 

With respect to her role as a Teaching & Learning Specialist, Angie most enjoys working with faculty to meet their needs - whether she is working one-on-one with them or with a group. Angie thoroughly enjoys sharing her wisdom gained from her years of experience and as a life-long learner herself, gets excited when she learns along with the faculty with whom she is working. Angie takes an incredibly active role when working with new full-time faculty in our New Faculty Academy. In this role, Angie is a coach and mentor to those new to the IHCC family, orienting them to the systems they will interact with on a daily basis as new instructors. 

Outside of her responsibilities at IHCC, Angie is an avid runner. 

To Contact: 
Phone Number: 641.683.5111 ext. 1837
Email: Angie.Sieren@IndianHills.edu

andyAndy Summers. Automotive Technology Instructor

Andy Summers has been with Indian Hills Community College for 15 years as an Automotive Technology Instructor; Andy also serves the college as the Deputy Title IX Coordinator. 

Andy grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and after graduating high school, came to Indian Hills Community College as a student. Andy fell in love with the area and never left. Andy is the perfect example of a life-long learner. He has attended several leadership academies and graduated from the Leadership Institute for a New Century. Andy has also attended both Iowa State University and Drake University to further his depth of knowledge. He always knew he would be a teacher, and once that dream was realized, he began to research Teaching and Learning. Andy has attended every available conference he could, spent a great deal of time reading some of his favorite authors including John C. Maxwell, and researching topics of interest online.  He has presented over 70 sessions where he is able to combine his wisdom, experience, and research to create presentations that have instantly usable concepts for his participants. 

Andy is the kind of instructor who truly puts his students first and puts their success and happiness at the center of every interaction he has with them, whether in the classroom or in his lab. Focusing on his students this way fuels Andy’s passion and drive to be the best he can be every day.

As a Teaching & Learning Specialist, Andy exhibits the same goals – he wants the time his participants spend in one of his sessions to help them develop new skills or methods to deliver their content. Andy “pays it forward” in this way as he uses his platform to help his colleagues stay on the cutting edge of new research and technology. 

Outside of IHCC, Andy enjoys spending time with his family, playing games, woodworking, construction projects (he built his own house), and landscaping.  

To Contact: 
Phone Number: 641.683.5111 ext. 1745
Email: Andy.Summers@IndianHills.edu