Intramural Sports

Just looking for some friendly competition? Join one of our intramural sports and let’s get the game started! 

Programs in intramural sports are planned around student interests to provide maximum opportunity for participation. Indian Hills provides a diverse set of indoor and outdoor recreational sports, played year–round to enrich the physical, social, and educational growth of students. (And they're just plain fun!)

Current Intramural Sports include:

  • Dodgeball 
  • Volleyball 
  • Basketball 
  • Free Throw/3–Point Contest
  • Ping Pong 
  • Racquetball 
  • Softball 

Intramural Sports are open to current students and staff of Indian Hills Community College. All sports are co–ed, unless otherwise requested. If night classes conflict, play will be moved to a different night.

Basketball Tournament 2022

  • December 5th from 6-8PM in the Net Center.
  • Teams will consist of 5-7 players. 
  • "Show Up" with your team the night of the event.



  • January 18th from 7:30-9:30PM in the Net Center.
  • "Show Up" and register that night.
  • Teams will be decided the night of the event.


Additional Winter Intramurals 

In addition, during the Winter Term, there will also be rotating weekly events and/or any other sports decided on the day of the weekly rotating event.

Registration will happen in the scheduled times/places for the respective sports listed above.

For the rotating weekly events, no registration needed; just show up at the scheduled times and have some fun!


It's your turn to play! Not convinced? Here's why you should sign up for an Intramurals event today:

  1. Stay Healthy: Maintain your health and wellness while managing life's stressors.
  2. Make Friends: One of the best places to meet new people and make new friends.
  3. Build your Character: Develop self–control and a positive self–image.
  4. Get a Free T–Shirt: That's one more day you can put off doing the laundry!
  5. It's Fun: A playful atmosphere with less time commitment and pressure than traditional sports.


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ChloeChloe Davis, Intramural Sports Coordinator
Indian Hills Community College

525 Grandview Avenue Ottumwa, Iowa 52501

Email: [email protected]