Student Testimonials

Check out what other International Students have to say about Indian Hills and how they earned their Life.Changing. education here!

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Stephen Sasu Sarpong
Stephen Sasu Sarpong, Ghana - West Africa, Arts & Sciences, Centerville Campus

"I am Stephen Sasu Sarpong from Ghana in West Africa. I found out about IHCC on the internet and chose to attend because of how international students were given particular attention on the website compared to other institutions. The quick response of the staff anytime I sent an email, and their readiness to aid me with anything I did not understand was beyond commendable. I chose the Centerville Campus of IHCC because of its small size, peaceful atmosphere, and a smaller student to faculty ratio. While here, I’m working on my Associate of Arts degree and plan to transfer on to a four year school. The smaller campus has been great because you don’t only get to know everyone, but we are like one big family living on campus. Everyone smiles to me, something I did not envision. The staff here are so good and treat our concerns as though it were theirs. I really feel at home and this is indeed a life changing experience."


Bhagya Godakanda, Sri Lanka, Arts & Sciences, Ottumwa Campus

"I came to IHCC with the intention of getting my general education classes completed, and then transferring to University of Iowa. The time I spent at Indian Hills was nothing but amazing. Not only did I receive full support to graduate with honors, I also made friends for life from all over the world. I graduated within one and a half years and am taking advantage of completing a year of Optional Practical Training (OPT), located in in Des Moines, working at a Credit Union. "


Gabriel Ferreira, Brazil, ESL and Arts & Sciences, Ottumwa Campus

"Indian Hills gave me the unforgettable opportunity of living a soccer scholarship experience as well as opened the doors to Optional Practical Training, which is a year of work eligibility on the F-1 student visa, that allows me to work anywhere in the country! International students feel safe at Indian Hills, and I couldn't be thankful enough!!"



Georgia Reece, United Kingdom, Arts & Sciences, Ottumwa Campus

"Coming from a different country, I wanted to ensure that I made the right choice when picking a college to attend. Indian Hills Community College stood out for a variety of reasons, including; the extremely helpful staff, beautiful campus, and amazing soccer facilities.  Due to these reasons, and many others, choosing to attend Indian Hills was easy. I have truly enjoyed every minute being at Indian Hills and would 100% recommend it to any other student."


Clinton Davelaar, Curacao, Computer Software Development, Ottumwa Campus

"Ever since I was little I wanted to study abroad in the United States, and a friend of mine attending Indian Hills recommended it to me. While I have been here, I have been able to experience great opportunities, including having various on-campus jobs, as well as completing an off-campus internship (through Curricular Practical Training) at Masterson Method for my program. I really like the amount of activities and opportunities that IHCC has for international students, and would recommend the school to anyone."

Obiora Wilson, Nigeria, Arts & Sciences, Ottumwa Campus

"I heard about Indian Hills from a family member who graduated from there, so I decided to give it a try. Since coming to IHCC, it has being an amazing experience. I’ve had the opportunity to work on-campus, including in the International Affairs Office, and these opportunities have helped prepare me to handle myself in any working environment professionally."



Luis Gimenez Alvarado, Venezuela, ESL and Arts & Sciences, Centerville Campus

"I came here to study and play baseball because it was a good opportunity for me.  When I came here I didn’t know anyone but a lot of people helped me.  I really like Iowa because of the weather. I had never seen snow and I enjoy the different seasons.  Thank you IHCC for helping me grow!!"



Asmaa Bendriss, Morocco, Arts & Sciences, Ottumwa Campus

"I chose Indian Hills Community College because I was looking for the perfect college experience that combines both quality education, along with diverse students and college activities. That's exactly what I found when I crossed the Atlantic Ocean to come study here. The professors are very friendly and willing to help, there is free tutoring available in the Academic Success Center, and many other services for students’ success. My favorite part is that I got the chance to meet different people from around the world, and discover their cultures."

Cesar Monico, El Salvador, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Ottumwa Campus

"I came to Indian Hills because they have a great academic program for international students in my major field (Aviation Maintenance). I also like that they have created good partnerships with other institutions, here in USA as well as some other countries, so that students can continue their education."



Dharani Matharage, Sri Lanka, Arts & Sciences, Ottumwa Campus

"I am from Sri Lanka. I chose Indian Hills because I loved how diverse the school was when I learned about it. I have loved all my experiences here at IHCC. I have been able to get involved in a lot of great things here, including being the Student Representative for the Diversity Conference, as well as a student worker in the Success Center."


Jarrod Hall, Australia, Arts & Sciences, Ottumwa Campus

"One of the reasons why I came to Indian Hills was to play college soccer. After watching the You Tube video of the campus, I saw how great the facilities were. And in talking to the International Affairs Office and seeing all the extra work and time they put into helping me, this showed me how much the IHCC staff cared about me and all the other students that were here. After actually coming here and attending classes, this effort from staff/faculty continued to show in my lectures – the staff/faculty are here to help me succeed."


Karla Granera Guerra, El Salvador/Italy, Arts & Sciences, Ottumwa Campus

"IHCC has changed my life in an unexpected way because it has given me a new opportunity to study abroad. Additionally, IHCC has introduced me to new cultures, and it has given me the chance to work on-campus and grow personally and professionally. IHCC is a life changing experience!"