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Now that you've been admitted to Indian Hills Community College, let's get you prepared to arrive to campus. There are some important things you need to know about what you need to do next, but don't worry, we'll help you every step of the way. Please make sure to check your acceptance packet for important information about orientation, term dates, airport/train arrival, how to apply for your student visa, and much more.


What To Do Next

Please use this checklist to complete the items below:

  • Apply for your student visa (F-1 or M-1, whichever is applicable) at the US Embassy in your home country ( We recommend applying for your student visa as soon as possible; however, please note that you cannot be issued a student visa more than 120 days prior to the start date on your I-20 Form. At the top of your I-20 Form it will indicate which nonimmigrant visa you need to apply for.
  • Please inform the International Enrollment Services Office regarding the status of your student visa (in the event of an acceptance or denial). Please email us at [email protected].
  • Complete the IHCC Online Orientation (information provided in acceptance email).
  • Plan your visa interview and travel time in order to arrive in time for the Mandatory In-Person International Student Orientation. The dates of our multi-day orientation are located on the “International Student Orientation Information” in your acceptance email.
  • If you have taken the SAT, ACT, TOEFL, or IELTS, please email your score report to [email protected]. With receipt of these scores, you may not be required to take a placement exam during orientation.
  • If you plan to live on-campus in our residence halls, you will need to make your housing arrangements BEFORE you arrive. You will need to complete the Housing Application Form and pay a US $300 Housing Deposit as of May 1, 2023. Please refer to the “How to Apply for On-Campus Housing” form in your acceptance email.
  • Please plan your travel plans so that you arrive to the Ottumwa Train Station or the Des Moines International Airport on the appropriate term’s Train/Airport Pickup Dates between the hours of our specified pickup times. This pickup is provided free of charge, but are only provided on the dates/times listed on the “Arrival Form” in your acceptance email. Please note that you cannot enter the United States more than 30 days prior to the start date on your I-20.

Even if you plan to arrive on campus without our transportation assistance, we still need to know when you will be arriving. Please email [email protected] to report your arrival date and time, but alert us that you will not need transportation assistance.

International Student Orientation

Indian Hills international students must complete orientation. Mandatory orientation includes the Online Orientation AND the in-person International Student Orientation. The Online Orientation must be completed prior to your arrival to the US. The in-person orientation will take place before the start of each term (refer to your acceptance email for dates).


Please bring the following items with you to the in-person International Student Orientation:

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • I–20
  • US/local address
  • Emergency contact information

You will be required to take the ACCUPLACER test or ESL ACCUPLACER test during orientation (if you have not provided an approved English proficiency test score report to the International Affairs Office prior to arrival).  

During the Online Orientation, you will learn important information about your success at Indian Hills Community College. During the in-person International Student Orientation, we will cover the most important aspects for your success, as well as tour campus, register for classes, obtain your Indian Hills Student ID card, and much more.


International Enrollment Services 
Indian Hills Community College
Phone: +1 641-683-5243 | +1 800-726-2585, ext. 5243
Email: [email protected]