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Centerville Educational building

A new education building will replace the existing classrooms that were constructed 50 years ago as temporary structures, intended to be used for 10 years.  The new facility will house career & technical, health sciences and general education classrooms and labs on the Indian Hills Centerville Campus.  Also included in the new building will be the Industrial Maintenance Training Center; a new welding program; expanded space for the agricultural sciences and construction technology programs; upgraded nursing classrooms; updated food service; and expanded library and computer labs.  The Morgan E. Cline School of Sustainable Agriculture, the Multipurpose Facility, the new Wrestling Facility, and the barn will remain.  

  • Expand lab spaces for:
    • Industrial Maintenance Training Center
    • Construction Technology
    • Agricultural Sciences
  • Create new lab spaces for:
    • Welding Technology
    • Career & Technical Education Simulation
  • Update classroom/lab spaces for:
    • Nursing
    • Science
    • General Education
  • Build capacity and improve efficiency in:
    • Food Service
    • Library
    • Academic Support Services
  • Replace existing temporary buildings built in 1971
  • 58,500 square feet of new construction


Center for fine arts

The current Performing Arts classrooms, staging areas and practice rooms were constructed by Ottumwa Heights College in 1961 and are original to the Ottumwa Main Campus.  The classrooms and practice areas lack adequate sound proofing, square footage, and performance preparation space to meet the needs of students participating in the Indian Hills Performing & Visual Arts Programs.  The project would establish a soundproof choir/band classroom large enough to accommodate the Indian Hills choirs and bands, individual and small group practice/study areas, a piano lab/lesson room, and dressing rooms for performances.

  • Update and soundproof:
    • Choir and band classroom
    • Acting and film classroom
    • Piano lab and lesson classroom
  • Expand and improve:
    • Public restrooms
    • Campus arrival
    • Student services offerings
  • Establish:
    • Individual and small group practice rooms
    • Dressing rooms
    • Restrooms and showers for performers
  • 13,863 square feet
    • 9,638 square feet of renovation
    • 4,225 square feet of new construction


criminal justice training center

Graduating more than 30 students each year, the Criminal Justice program lacks the adequate space needed to perform tactical maneuver, search-and-seizure, and defensive tactics training.  Establish the Criminal Justice Training Center at the Ottumwa North Campus will allow for continued program growth with close proximity to the Boxx Rural Emergency Training Center.  The project will include general education classrooms, multi-purpose training room, evidence lab, and expanded space for the program’s virtual reality simulator.  The training center will be located in existing space on the Ottumwa North Campus. 

  • Relocate program to the Ottumwa North Campus
  • Utilize the Boxx Rural Emergency Training Center for labs
  • Renovate existing space to accommodate:
    • Multi-purpose training room
    • Evidence lab
    • Virtual reality training simulator
    • 4 classrooms
    • Locker room facilities
  • 10,600 square feet of renovation


Student wellness center

Over the past 5 years, Indian Hills has doubled the number of student athletes living and training on the Ottumwa Main Campus.  More than 375 student athletes utilize the Hellyer Student Life Center and Tom Arnold Net Center for their athletic practices leaving limited time for student activities, wellness classes and weight/cardio training.

Expanding the Tom Arnold Net Center to create a Student Wellness Center on the Ottumwa Campus will provide all students with opportunities to utilize cardio and weight equipment, fitness classrooms, sports medicine lab/classroom, and a multi-purpose court for intramural activities and student events. 

  • Expand Tom Arnold Net Center to create:
    • Classroom/lab for Sports Medicine Program
    • Multi-purpose court for student activities/events
    • Weight/Cardio area
    • Fitness classroom
    • Elevator to improve building accessibility
    • Public restrooms/locker rooms
  • 17,380 square feet of new construction


virtual classrooms

Upgrading a classroom in participating high schools throughout the Indian Hills 10-county region will provide opportunities for students to participate in Indian Hills classes that are offered on any Indian Hills campus or at a participating high school in the Indian Hills region.  The classrooms will be outfitted with virtual learning technology, new equipment, and STEM-related tools that will increase the number of courses available to all students, decrease wireless connectivity issues, and expand concurrent enrollment and workforce retraining options available to individuals throughout the region. 

  • Establish a virtual classroom at high schools in the Indian Hills 10-county region
  • Expand concurrent enrollment course offerings
  • Decrease connectivity issues students may encounter
  • Increase continuing education offerings throughout the region
  • Provide technology and equipment to meet industry and educational needs in each district


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