IHCC Memories: Maxine Whittingtion

Submitted by: Maxine Whittington, Ottumwa, Iowa

1. When did you work at Indian Hills?

1989 to 2013

2. In what departments did you work and what jobs did you have?

The Advanced Technology Center

3. What are the names of some of your supervisors and co-workers?

Curt Bloomquist, Ed Binder, Stan Vittetoe, John Tracey, and Steve Mosena Greg Kepner, Daniel Terrian, Tom Rubel, Lynne Chmelar, Alice Dial, and Jean Hager

4. What are some good memories that you have of working at the college?

I appreciated the fact that my supervisors were very willing to work with me when I had issues with the family and my health. Three days after beginning work, my father passed away. That’s when I found out about bereavement leave. I was a single parent raising two children with special needs. Many times I had to leave the office to care for a matter and return to work. Not once did I hear a complaint. Of course, I made sure to complete my work assignments even if I had to stay late. Then later on I fought two bouts of cancer. Many thanks for all the help by my co-workers. I have now been cancer-free for a year and a half.

5. What are your hopes for the future for Indian Hills?

I hope Indian Hills will continue to thrive and expand its beautiful campus.