IHCC Memories: Morris Frisbie

Submitted by: Morris Frisbie, Ottumwa, Iowa

1. When did you work at Indian Hills?

July 1983 to August 2001

2. In what departments did you work and what jobs did you have?

Advanced Technology Center, Instructor Computer Networking

3. What are the names of some of your supervisors and your co-workers?

Supervisors: Bob Allison, Ed Binder, & Lee Pulis Co-workers: Brenda Ragen, Bill Canaday, & Jerry Deere

4. Identify or describe some unique or funny (printable) stories that occurred during your time at Indian Hills.

I was score keeper for the basketball team from 1993 – 2004, through three national championships, 1997-1999. Attended games in Florida, Nevada, Missouri, Nebraska, & Kansas. I was score keeper for softball team from 1993 – 2004. Attended games in Florida and Kansas for Nationals.

5. What are some good memories that you have of working at the college?

Building and moving into the main campus ATC building from the airport. 6. What are your hopes for the future for Indian Hills? Continuing with outstanding education in all areas of the college.