IHCC Memories: Floyd Dailey

Submitted by: Floyd H. Dailey, Ottumwa, Iowa

1. When did you work at Indian Hills?

June 1966 to September 1989

2. In what departments did you work and what jobs did you have?

Maintenance department, Utility man, completed an eight-year remodeling project

3. What are the names of some of your supervisors and co-workers?

Supervisors: Radosevich, Englehart, Schmidt, Williams, Cratty, & Bradley Co-workers: Barker, Herrington, Leach, Junt, Castor, Odgen, Stanley, and a lot of short timers plus work study students

4. Identify or describe some unique or funny (printable) stories that occurred during your time at Indian Hills.

Leach tied a softball to Herrington’s door handle. Every time he went around a corner, it would bang the door. He didn’t find it until evening; he kept looking under the truck.

5. What are some good memories that you have of working at the college?

We had a lot of good people and we tried to have a little fun with our work.

6. What are your hopes for the future for Indian Hills?

I don’t expect much growth, just getting better.

7. What other special memories of IHCC do you have to share with others?

Building 40 – 41 and cook school was all that was occupied. We started with nothing but some old buildings, no ceiling, no insulation, no wiring, broken windows, no heat, hardly any plumbing, and filty. Radosevich had the half-ton truck that he drove. The college didn’t have a hammer, saw, or any tools. We used our own.