IHCC Memories: Beth Cook

Submitted by: Beth Cook, Bloomfield, Iowa

1. When did you work at Indian Hills?

1994 to 2013

2. In what departments did you work and what jobs did you have?

I started at the Daycare Center. In October of 1994, I started working at the Business Office. I was the switchboard operator and also worked with accounts payable.

3. What are the names of some of your supervisors and co-workers?

Keith Sasseen, Sue Pixley, Kim Robinson, and Bonnie Campbell Deb Hoguet, Cindy Elder, Anne Leathers, Joan Cook, Diana Remmark, Peggy McFarland, and Kelly Heckart

4. Identify or describe some unique or funny (printable) stories that occurred during your time at Indian Hills.

Mary Neis and I put a mannequin in Jim Hewitt’s chair while he was gone for the day. Upon returning, he found a “woman” sitting in his chair with his Missouri jacket on! We had a good laugh when we saw his face!

5. What are some good memories that you have of working at the college?

There were so many nice students that would stop by my desk and visit. I still have fond memories of many them. Also, I enjoyed meeting people coming in for interviews. I knew they were nervous and I tried to make them feel as relaxed as possible.

6. What are your hopes for the future for Indian Hills?

I think IHCC is doing a great job in reaching not only the students in Ottumwa, but the surrounding counties as well.

7. What other special memories of IHCC do you have to share with others?

I am thankful to have spent 19 years of my life at IHCC. I learned many things there and made many friends who will be with me the rest of my life. Thank you IHCC!