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You’ve considered all your options. Maybe living on-campus or attending classes in person just doesn’t work for you? Then Online Learning at Indian Hills is what you need!

Is your hectic schedule keeping you from your degree? Want to attend Indian Hills, but being on campus just isn’t possible? Looking for convenience in your college education? Indian Hills Community College's Online Learning Programs provide the Life. Changing. opportunities you need.

250+ Online Courses


Arts and Sciences. Advanced Technologies. Health Sciences. We develop new courses each term to meet our students’ needs.

Indian Hills Online Learning even offers Continuing Education and Skill-Building Courses! Check out everything our Online Learning Programs have to offer. We know they’ll all be Life. Changing!


How does Online Learning work?

There are two important steps to jump-start your Online Learning experience at Indian Hills Community College.

Step 1: The first is meeting computer standards. Students taking online courses from Indian Hills need reliable computer access that meets our hardware and software specifications.

Step 2: The second necessity is MyHills. MyHills is an easy-to-use, online program that provides students with course content and allows them to interact with faculty and other students.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: Am I Limited if I Choose Online Learning?

A: Absolutely not! Students using online learning at Indian Hills Community College have access to the same services as on-campus students.

Q: What Online Learning Courses Are Offered?

A: Online courses are added and changed every term. Explore available online courses offered this term and check out current online offerings for continuing education, general interest, relicensure and more.

Q: Are Individual Courses the Only Programs Offered Online?

A: In addition to certain individual courses, there are several degree and diploma programs fully available online.

Q: What if I Have IT Problems Off Campus?

A: Don’t stress! We’ve got step-by-step demonstrations of how to use required programs for Indian Hills Community College online courses.


Online Degree and Diploma Programs

Online Degree Programs:

Online Diploma Programs:

Aviation Ground School:
Students may complete Aviation Ground School courses fully online, as part of earning an A.A.S. degree in Aviation Pilot Training. However, additional on–campus courses and advanced flight training are required for students who wish to continue on for the full A.A.S. degree. Note: Students in San Diego, California: Be sure to find out about our partnership with Coast Flight Training that can allow you to complete your entire degree, including advanced flight training, in San Diego.


Support & Services

Step–by–step demonstrations of how to use MyHills and other required computer programs are available online in both video and printable document formats in the Computer Tutorials section of our website. Online students are expected to work through these tutorials prior to taking an online course.

The Information Technology Office also offers technical assistance to our online students. Please visit the online IT Help Desk for more information.


How Do I Apply?

We’re glad you asked! Online admission and registration are as easy as 1-2-3.



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Review Financial Aid and talk to an advisor if needed.

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Still Have Questions?

Curious about specific online courses? Need help with registration? Maybe you just want to know more about Online Learning? Call or email the Academic Advising Office.

Academic Advising Office
Indian Hills Community College
Bennett Student Services Center
623 Indian Hills Drive
Ottumwa, IA 52501

800-726-2585, ext. 5262


For more information about a particular online program, please visit that program's web page and contact the appropriate contact listed on that page.