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Destiny Merrill: Online Student

Destiny Merrill

Online Learning at Indian Hills has been a wonderful fit for my demanding schedule, allowing me to reach my educational goals without sacrificing quality.

Destiny's Story...

Indian Hills Community College has a robust online learning program.
More than 250 online courses are offered in subjects related to the arts and sciences, advanced technologies, and health sciences, with new online courses being developed each term. Online continuing education and skill–building courses are also available.

How Does It Work?

Students who take online courses from Indian Hills Community College (IHCC) are required to have reliable access to a computer that meets certain minimum hardware and software specifications. More details may be found in the Computer Standards

Our online courses are available to students through MyHills. MyHills is an easy–to–use, Internet-based program that we use to provide students with course content (such as syllabi, course schedules, assignment instructions, streaming audio and video materials, etc.) and to allow students to interact with faculty and with one another in their online courses (including: submitting and returning assignments, posting grades, participating in class discussions, working on group projects, taking tests, holding online office hours, and much more). "MyHills" is powered by Blackboard.

Online Learning Orientation

Is Online Learning Right For Me?Is Online Learning Right for Me?

Find out if online learning is the best option for you by answering these 15 questions (helpful feedback provided after each response).
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Online Learning Survival GuideOnline Learning Survival Guide

Get the strategies and tips you need to survive and thrive in your online courses (30 minutes).
Online Learning Survival Guide

Services for Online Students

In addition to the many forms of assistance provided by the Indian Hills Library, online students can also access a variety of academic services from the Indian Hills Academic Success Center, including writing and math instruction, online tutoring, and more. Disability Services are also available to online students.

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Online Courses Offered This Term

For a list of online courses offered this term, please Use our Search for Courses tool. Be sure to set the location field to “Online.”

For information on current online offerings for Continuing Education, General Interest, Relicensure, and related areas, use the Customized Learning: Search for Courses tool.

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Online Degree and Diploma Programs

In addition to individual online courses, certain degree and diploma programs are available fully online.

Online Program
Whenever you see the icon above on academic program pages throughout our website, it indicates that courses within that academic program are available online. In most cases, the entire program can be completed online. For details about a particular academic program, contact the program director listed on that program's web page.

Online Degree Programs:

Online Diploma Programs:

Aviation Ground School: Students may complete Aviation Ground School courses fully online, as part of earning an A.A.S. degree in Aviation Pilot Training. However, additional on–campus courses and advanced flight training are required for students who wish to continue on for the full A.A.S. degree. Note: Students in San Diego, California: Be sure to find out about our partnership with Coast Flight Training that can allow you to complete your entire degree, including advanced flight training, in San Diego.

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Technical Support

Step–by–step demonstrations of how to use MyHills and other required computer programs are available online in both video and printable document formats in the Computer Tutorials section of our website. Online students are expected to work through these tutorials prior to taking an online course.

The Information Technology Office also offers technical assistance to our online students. Please visit the online IT Help Desk for more information.

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Application, Registration, and Tuition

Students may apply for admission online and register for courses online. Tuition payments may also be made online.

Tuition for online courses is the same as tuition for in–state, on–campus courses, with an additional $5 per credit hour technology fee. See Tuition & Financial Aid >>

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More Information

For information about specific online courses, assistance with registration, general adivsing, or if you have more questions about Online Learning and how it might help you acheive your educational goals, please contact the Academic Advising Office.

For more information about a particular online program, please visit that program's web page and contact the appropriate program director (list of online programs).

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