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International Students

International studentsIndian Hills Community College (IHCC) is located in the state of Iowa — the heart of the United States. Indian Hills has been working with international students since 1966 at both the Main Campus (Ottumwa) and Centerville Campus.

Why Choose Indian Hills?

Over the years, hundreds of international students, including students from six of the world's seven continents, have attended Indian Hills Community College, earning a quality education, while experiencing the rich culture found in the heartland of the United States. With our main campus in Ottumwa, and a second smaller campus in Centerville, our students experience the true small–town feel of being in
a safe community.

For a quick overview, download the Indian Hills Internationals Viewbook

Many international students enroll in the Arts & Sciences division at Indian Hills, and often transfer to another institution after graduation through one of our partnership programs. Students who have chosen technical or health programs have also had great succes after earning their degrees at Indian Hills Community College.


Indian Hills Community College offers:

Virtual Campus Tours

Nothing comes close to seeing our beautiful campuses for yourself, but until you're able to get here, this is the next best thing! Take a Virtual Tour of each of our campuses: Ottumwa Virtual Tour | Centerville Virtual Tour

What Indian Hills International Students are Saying...

Rafael Summo, Brazil“I knew this was going to be a big challenge, because I did not know any English, and I was going to live without my family for two years. The ESL classes were very helpful in learning the basic concepts of the English language. Being an international student is one of the most valuable opportunities that I have had so far in my life, and I am sure that this experience will remain in my mind forever.” —Rafael Summo (Brazil), Arts and Sciences
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Walter Mejias, Venezuela“My instructors at Indian Hills have been very friendly and willing to help me succeed in any way they can. I have a small business back home and the college's business and English classes will be especially important for me to be successful in the future. This was a great opportunity for me to get my two–year degree.” —Walter Mejias (Venezuela), Arts and Sciences
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Gustavo Souza, Brazil“My experience at Indian Hills has been amazing. The campus and the small environment gave me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. I have made friends for life, which is really important to me. The cost of attending a community college before transferring to a university is very nice, and the transfer process was easy. Being able to play soccer at the college level was also a great experience.” —Gustavo Souza (Brazil), Arts and Sciences
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Mei Ling Wong, Hong Kong“I came to Indian Hills because of the agriculture and entrepreneurship program. This program provides a seamless transfer option, which will help me transfer to a four–year university. Indian Hills offers a more affordable tuition, as well as several scholarship options to students who apply and qualify. I also enjoy the countryside view in Centerville. The small town helped me adapt easily.” —Mei Ling Wong (Hong Kong), Sustainable Agriculture and Entrepreneurship

Aoi Nishino, Japan“Since attending at Indian Hills, my English skills have improved greatly. I am studying accounting, so my math skills have improved as well. The community and people at Indian Hills are very friendly and have helped me adapt well to the area. I also enjoy the weather here because I live in a warm country where I’ve never seen snow before.”
—Aoi Nishino (Japan), Arts and Sciences

Tharuka Pathmaperuma, Sri Lanka“Indian Hills Community College provides each student with many different opportunities including: new friends from different cultures and countries, future career/school references, on-campus jobs, and several different sports. For me, IHCC has introduced me to many important contacts within my field of study who can help me prepare for the master's program I want to attend after I graduate.”
—Tharuka Pathmaperuma (Sri Lanka)

Julia Muehlhausen, Germany“Don’t be shy! It may be intimidating at first, but the students and staff at Indian Hills Community College are very friendly and always willing to help you. Going out and talking to people is the best way to make friends and get involved here at IHCC. I also had an on-campus job at one of the cafés that helped me meet new people who I may not have met otherwise.”
—Julia Muehlhausen (Germany)

Akari Kinjo, Japan“I really like the smaller class sizes at IHCC. It offers each student an opportunity to ask questions and be noticed in the classroom. If you don’t understand a subject, faculty and staff are very easy to contact and always willing to work things out with you. Also, if you need extra help, Indian Hills Community College has tutoring and a Success Center to help you better understand concepts with which you may be struggling.”
—Akari Kinjo (Japan)

Prince Will Muh Njuh, Sweden“Since studying at Indian Hills Community College I have grown a desire to continue my studies in engineering, once I graduate. The faculty and staff in my program have made it so easy for me to be successful in my classes and coursework. If you ever need help, your instructors are always available and ready to help you complete your goals. IHCC has provided me with a great place to study, and offered me people to help me succeed as a future engineer.”
—Prince Will Muh Njuh (Sweden)

International Friendship Program

The International Friendship Program is created for both American families and international students studying at IHCC. It gives American families a taste of another culture, while giving international students first-hand experience of U.S. culture outside of campus life. Students and volunteers are matched based on interests, values, and other attributes. Remember, there is no “typical American family.” We are open to placing students with a single person or a large family, with couples, as well as with non-traditional families. Download the resources below to find out more and to apply for the program, whether as a host or as a student.
International Friendship Program Brochure | Host Application | Student Application


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