Online Donations

The Indian Hills Community College Foundation welcomes online donations. Please follow the steps below to contribute to the future of deserving students today!


Please read through each step below, before beginning the donation process. After completing the Online Donation Information Form, (Step 1) you will return to this page, where you will select the amount you wish to donate (Step 2), you will then provide additional information to complete the actual donation (Step 3).

Step 1: Online Donation Information Form

Please complete and submit the Online Donation Information Form. You will then be returned to this page to select the amount you wish to donate and proceed with the actual donation.
Fill out the Online Donation Information Form.

Step 2: Select Donation Amount

Please select the amount you wish to donate from the options on the left. When you select an amount, it will be placed in your online shopping cart. Note: If the exact amount you wish to donate is not on the list below, please use multiple selections that add up to your amount. For example: To make a $25 donation, you would select $20, then click Continue Shopping in the shopping cart to return to this page, and then select $5. Continue to click the Continue Shopping button in the shopping cart to return to this page until your total is equal to the amount you would like to donate. Then, click the green Check-Out button in the shopping cart.

Step 3: Billing Address and Payment Method

After you click the green Check-Out button, you will be asked to provide a Billing Address and Payment Method. Please fill out these sections carefully and completely and then click the green Submit Order button at the bottom. Continue following the steps until the process is complete.


If you have questions or other information you would like to submit with your donation, please contact
Rachelle L.K. Johnson ( | (641) 683-5115 or (800) 726-2585, ext. 5115)

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