StudentsIndian Hills Community College offers prevention education information on drugs, alcohol, sexual violence, and other health and wellness issues that can affect your academic success through MyStudentBody.

MyStudentBody is an interactive, confidential, online wellness education program. Our hope is that students will use this resource throughout their time at Indian Hills.

Note: Completion of the MyStudentBody Essentials Course is a requirement for all current students.

MyStudentBody Essentials Course

The MyStudentBody Essentials Course provides personalized health information, interactive tools, and coping strategies that are up–to–date, and scientifically accurate. This course consists of three separate sections covering the topics of alcohol, drugs, and sexual violence. It also features a Student Center section, which offers helpful information on areas such as nutrition, stress, and sexual health.

MyStudentBodyTo complete the course, go to:

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Login Username: your IHCC email address (
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If you are taking the Essentials Course, select “Take Now” under the Essentials Course header, and complete the Alcohol, Drug, and Sexual Violence sections of the course.

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The MyStudentBody Essentials Course is required for all current students and must be completed no later than October, 20, 2014. The online course must be passed with a score of 70 or higher. Completion of the entire Essentials Course may take anywhere from 1–3 hours.

Please note: A hold exists on your student account until this requirement is complete. A hold on your account will prevent you from registering for classes until you have fulfilled this requirement. Once you have passed the course, the hold on your account will be lifted prior to the first registration date or your second term. After you pass the course, you will be awarded an electronic certificate to indicate that you have passed. If you do not receive a passing certificate, you did not pass the course and the hold will not be lifted.

If you are not currently taking a course, you can use the “My Stuff” page to access material on the Student Center and Advice pages, or check out the MyStudentBody Stress, Sexual Health, or Tobacco sites.

MyStudentBody–Parent Information

MyStudentBody is an educational resource to give students support and guidance throughout their college career. IHCC students and parents are encouraged to access the educational content and advice from the site at any time.


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