Fleet Vehicle Reservation Form

To request a vehicle owned by Indian Hills Community College, please fill out the online form below. Please type in all the required areas and click submit. If you have any other questions/additional comments please email Jennifer.Schmidt@indianhills.edu.

After you have used a college vehicle you are required do the following

  • Fuel the vehicle up. This can be done with your college p card, college gas card, or outside the Horticulture Building.
  • Log your mileage in the book within the vehicle and turn in any paperwork to Jenny's office in the Facilities Office. This information must be filled out so we can properly charge mileage to the correct college account.
  • Clean the vehicle out. Trash can be dumped in the dumpster near the horticulture building or at the gas station. If you are transporting students, it is still the responsibility of the staff member to ensure the vehicle is clean once it is parked.
  • Park the vehicle in its assigned parking space. All cars have assigned spaces behind the Hellyer Center. All 15 passenger vans will be parked in the overflow lot near Wapello. The 25, 35, and 55 passenger buses belong in the Advanced Technology parking lot near the Security Office.
  • Return the keys immediately. Do not assume we have an additional set for any of our fleet vehicles. This can be done inside the Facilities Office between 7:00am and 4:30pm Monday-Thursday. There is also a key drop box just outside of the Main Door of the Maintenance Office. If you return to campus after hours, so there is no reason to not return keys.
  • Keys should be picked up Monday-Thursday between 7:00am and 4:30pm, even if you are traveling over the weekend. 

The college fleet is used 7 days a week. When any of the above bullets are not completed, it creates issues for those planning to use the fleet and for our security, in particular on the weekend. We should not have to drive around campus looking for a vehicle, call people who used the vehicles in the previous days to see where they have parked it or where keys are, or call those planning to use the fleet to see if we can shuffle vehicles that we do have keys for to make it work for everyone. 

College owned vehicles assigned to employees are to be used for college businesses only and shall not operate on gasoline other than gasoline blended with at least 10% ethanol (Iowa Code 260C.19A. To use a college owned vehicle, employees must have on file a signed statement attesting to the fact they possess a valid driver's license allowing them to legally operate a motor vehicle in any state. Anyone operating college vans, weather transporting passengers or not, must have a D3 Chauffeurs License. Operating a college vehicle without a valid license is grounds for termination of employment.

Vehicles are to be checked out at the time of departure and returned to the college upon completion of the trip. With the supervisor's approval, a vehicle may be driven to an employee's home on the eve of departure only if this provides a more direct route to the next destination. Unless a part of the employment agreement, a college vehicle is not allowed for personal use.

The college position on van numbers remains at a limit of 9 per van. The Iowa Department of Ed student transportation information restates the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration advisory that 15 passenger vans have a high rollover risk when fully loaded and issues a consumer advisory. Vans are three times more likely to roll over when carrying 10 or more passenger, thus our limit is 9.