Work Study Programs

Eligibility Criteria:

Below is a list of eligibility requirements:

  • You must have completed a FAFSA for the academic year. Eligibility for FWS is an academic year.
  • Your financial aid file must be determined through the Free Application for Federal Student aid (FAFSA) process. Financial Aid eligibility must be completed for each academic year. All required documentation is received and processed, and the verification process has been completed.
  • You must remain enrolled in at least 4 credits.
  • You must be in compliance with SAP requirements.
  • You must have an unmet need for the academic year.
  • You must turn in your completed work-study application form confirming your employment.

Work Study Checklist:

Complete these nine simple steps to employment: Federal Work Study (FWS) Program Checklist

Step 1-How to Apply

Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Renewal Application. Indicate your preference for Work Study Interest on the FAFSA.

Step 2-Award

If you're eligible, your award will appear on your Financial Aid Award Letter. Work Study applications will be mailed separately, shortly before fall term; you must have the application to obtain a position in the FWS Program.
If FWS does not appear on your FA Award Letter and you are interested, please ask to speak with a Financial Aid Advisor to discuss the effect that FWS would have on your other awards and the possibility of adding FWS depending upon your eligibility.

Step 3-Apply for Jobs:

A work-study award does not guarantee you a job. You must search and apply for positions. For a listing of job opportunities, click the appropriate link at the bottom of this page. Work Study positions are available on both the Ottumwa and Centerville campuses. Contact the supervisor listed with the position to set up an interview. Many campus departments are eager to hire FWS student employees.

Please remember that many students will be applying for the same jobs, and selection is a competitive process. A job application and a job interview will be required. To be eligible for these positions, a student must have been awarded work-study through the Financial Aid Office. A work-study award does not guarantee the student a job.

There are community service positions for Federal Work Study students available in the local area. Students must provide their own transportation if they work off campus. Students awarded FWS are eligible to apply for tutor positions and local community based positions with nonprofit organizations. These positions are coordinated through the “Work Study Positions: Community Service” Link.

Bring your Application Form to your Interview with the Supervisor; if you are Hired:

  • Have the supervisor sign your FWS Application. They must complete the Employer/Department Information section.
  • Bring your completed form back to the Financial Aid Office located in the Bennett Student Services Center to the Work Study Coordinator or the Administration Building on the Centerville Campus.
  • Complete all personnel/payroll-related paperwork, including a Federal I-9, a Federal W4, and an Iowa W4. Every employer must complete the federal Form I-9 for all employees.
  • Bring original forms of identification, see back of checklist for other Form I-9 Acceptable Documentation or page 9 of the USCIS Federal I-9 to be shown to the hiring manager at the time of hire to complete the Federal I-9.
  • Students requesting direct deposit will need to provide a voided check so that their paychecks may be direct deposited into an account of their choosing.

All steps must be followed and completed including providing original documents that establish identity and employment eligibility as required.


I was eligible for Federal Work-Study (FWS) last year, why am I not this year? What can I do? Why am I not eligible?

Eligibility for all Title IV programs can change from year to year, thus creating the requirement to file a FAFSA each year. Eligibility/non-eligibility can be the result of a change in any number of variables: number of household members in college, parents’/students’ income, untaxed income, assets, etc. In some cases, the change in eligibility may take place with the actual financial aid award. For example, the availability of other need-based aid increases, such as the Subsidized Direct loan amount and once this increase takes place; there isn’t enough “need” in the award package for other need based aid such as FWS. In these cases, students may speak with a Financial Aid Advisor to inquire about the possibility of reducing the Direct loan amount and replacing it with FWS in order to maintain a student position. Eligibility for FWS is determined through the Free Application for Federal Student aid (FAFSA) process. Financial Aid eligibility must be determined each academic year. Please note that eligibility does not automatically carry over from year-to-year.

Can I have two jobs? How many hours can I work?

A student can have several jobs, but between all of these positions, the student cannot exceed 20 hours per week. This policy is in place to reinforce “academics first” for student employees. Students typically will not have two FWS positions because their award amount doesn’t provide enough funding.

What will I be paid and how many hours will I work?

Your financial need determines the amount of work-study you are eligible for, and you can't earn more than the amount specified in your award letter.
Students on work-study are paid federal minimum wage of $7.25 by the hour and paid twice a month. The maximum a student can work is 20 hours per week. You can request that the college send your check to your home, worksite, payroll office, or employees may elect to have their paychecks directly deposited to their bank accounts.
Work Study employment requires that you report your hours in Webtime Entry. This is an electronic timesheet on your WebAdvisor that you submit to your Supervisor to be paid on the designated IHCC pay days. Time sheets must be signed by both you and your employer, and are for specific pay periods.

Work Study Positions: Ottumwa Campus


Work Study Positions: Centerville Campus


Work Study Positions: Community Service

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