Tuition & Fees

 At Indian Hills Community College, your tuition pays for instruction from quality faculty who value our tradition of great teaching. In addition, Indian Hills is committed to providing that quality instruction at the lowest cost possible.  For the 2017-2018 academic year, Indian Hills has a tuition rate of $170 per credit hour for Iowa residents and online students. The rate for out-of-state and international students is $240 per credit hour. Below is a chart that shows how those costs translate to a full academic year at Indian Hills Community College. Costs may vary depending on academic program.


Expenses owed to Indian Hills directly (per academic year)
  Iowa Residents (In-state) and Online Out-of-State and Internationals



(Web & ICN)
$300 $300


Additional expenses owed to Indian Hills, (if) you choose to live on campus.
  Iowa Residents (In-state) and Online Out-of-State and Internationals
Room** $2220 $2220
Board** $2550 $2550
Total Direct Costs: $10,170 $12,270
Click here to see Centerville Housing Costs.
Click here to see a detailed list of Expense Costs.


*Based on an average of 10 credit hours of enrollment per term or 30 credit hours per academic year

**Based on double room cost of $740 per term (Additional Housing Options)

***Based on the Warrior Plan cost of $850 per term (9 meals per week) (Additional Meal Plan Options)


If you plan to live on campus during the summer, please plan for that additional cost.

Other expenses we recommend you budget for: (Please keep in mind, these are just estimates.)
Books & Supplies $1,344.00
Personal Expenses $1,800.00
Transportation $1,512.00
Total: $4,656.00


These estimates are based on averages for students over the course of three terms. If you will be studying four terms per year, please plan for these costs to increase.