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Life.Changing. Times 04-24

Randy Anderson

Indian Hills' Medical/Insurance Coding program has been approved by the Professional Certificate Approval Program (PCAP) Council, through April of 2020. Sarah Cottington, Health Informatics Program Director, said the PCAP Council commended IHCC for its commitment to the development of an outstanding coding certificate program. IHCC's Health Information Technology program has been accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education accredited for many years. Students in the coding program complete the first four terms of the HIT program. Cottington said holding our coding students to the same high standard of quality and excellence was evident in the PCAP application. There are currently 28 PCAP-approved coding programs in the nation. According to the PCAP-approved school directory, IHCC is the first PCAP-approved coding program located in Iowa.… Continue Reading »

Continuing Education Summer Classes

Kelsey Faybik

Do you have a fierce desire to continue your education? Or maybe a job that requires you to enroll in continuing education classes? You're in the right place. You're here for new knowledge. We're your resource. General interest courses, from cake decorating to golf, can help you develop a lifelong hobby. Preparing for a career switch? Commercial Truck Driver classes are available. Take re-licensure classes for your insurance or real estate career. Customize your learning experience. All you have to do is sign up.… Continue Reading »