Student Spotlight: Judd Jarvis

Judd Jarvis: Associate of Arts GraduateHi. My name is Judd Jarvis. I graduated from Indian Hills with an Associate of Arts degree, focusing on Art and Design — specifically ceramics. After graduation, I transferred to the University of Miami where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and I continued my education by obtaining a Master of Fine Arts at the University of Nebraska. Currently, I am building my kiln and organizing my studio. The next step will be entering shows and connecting with galleries.

When I graduated from high school I really did not have a defined sense of what I was going to do. I knew that I  wanted to take as many

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art classes as I could. That is as far as my planning went. It worked out thanks to a combination of excellent instructors, a supportive peer group, and my own motivation. The time that I spent in the Art Department at Indian Hills was never enough. My instructors’ enthusiasm was infectious and their encouragement seemed inexhaustible, which definitely fed into the group of students who really made the art area home. It was always an environment of friendly competition, encouragement, sharing of tips, and slightly controlled chaos. It was a great time of exploration and getting all we could from Indian Hills.

Indian Hills prepared me for what I'm doing in both direct and subtle ways. For me, there is a direct correlation between the courses I took and what I do now. But, no matter how good the instruction was, it was still up to me to do something with it. A student has to be motivated to make use of what they are given. It was an attitude I took with me through graduate school. The opportunity is there, so make the most of it!

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