Information for Employers

The Great Lakes Career Ready Internship Program at Indian Hills Community College will create paid internship experiences for students in Advanced Technology Degree Programs!

According to the National Association of College and Employers, 65 percent of 2015 graduates participated in an internship or co-op during their undergraduate years.

College students with financial need are often unable to accept unpaid internships in their fields of study because they need to earn a paycheck. By passing on these opportunities students miss out on valuable, REAL-world experience that can be extremely helpful in building their understanding of certain types of positions and fields!

Indian Hills Community College is pleased to have been awarded a two-year Career Ready Internship grant through the Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation & Affiliates. This grant will allow Indian Hills Community College to pay eligible freshmen and sophomores $12 an hour for their internship experience. Any employer who hosts an unpaid internship experience that falls within the our guidelines is potentially eligible to participate in this paid internship program.

What organizations are eligible to apply?

Organizations within the Indian Hills Community College 10-County Region or a county adjacent to our region, that have not offered the proposed internship in the past, are eligible to apply. Internships must be related to student's program of study. Internships at religious, lobbying, and political or governmental organizations are prohibited.


County Map

Expectations for Internship Sites and Supervisors

  • Provide the student with meaningful projects/assignments that enhance their development and knowledge in connection with their academic interests and career goals.
  • Meet with the student on a regular basis for the purpose of discussing the internship content, performance, and reflection.
  • Invite students to attend meetings, when appropriate, with leaders in the organization and community.
  • Establish guidelines for the evaluation of the student’s experience and overall progress.


What are my responsibilities if my organization/company/business is selected?

  • Provide meaningful projects to your Indian Hills Community College Intern.
  • Provide supervision.
  • Track student hours and respond to Indian Hills College requests to confirm hours worked.
  • Adhere to the Fair Labor Standards Act.
  • Complete all evaluation materials sent to you by Indian Hills Community College.

So I filled out an Employer Interest Form. What happens next?

A representative from Indian Hills will contact you within two business days to help you get started building your student internship experience! Once your internship has been defined with the Employer Internship Listing Template below, your opportunity will be advertised to all students on our Student Internship Job Board.

Once your intern selection process is complete, both you and the student intern will work on developing expectations regarding their hours, duties, any other details about their time while working for you.

Indian Hills will handle the entire payroll process for student interns funded through the Great Lakes Career Ready Internship Grant.


Internship Job Listing Template

So your internship has been accepted. That's awesome! Download the document below as a template for completing your internship job listing. This document will already be filled out with information from a fake company, (but this is purely to give you an example). Just replace the information between the header and footer images, with your internship information and company logo. Once you have completed the listing, please send the final document to AJ Gevock at, and we will post it to the Student Job Board.

Internship Job Listing Template


Indian Hills Career Ready Internship Contacts:

Got questions, or just need a little more information about the Internship Program? AJ has the answers you need!


AJ Gevock, Director, Regional Entrepreneurship Center
Indian Hills Community College

Regional Entrepreneurship Center
15330 Truman Street Ottumwa, IA 52501

Phone: (641) 683-5188 or (800) 726-2585, ext. 5188


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