Arts & Sciences

What is Art or Science without passion? Take charge and dive heart-first into your passion. It’s your future, after all.

Transfer your Arts & Sciences credits from Indian Hills Community College to a four-year school or jump right Into your new career. It’s going to be Life.Changing!

Your passions and hopes for the future drive you, and our arts and sciences programs are the first steps you’ll take. Take charge of your future. It’ll be Life. Changing.

So where should you start? First, check out our programs and pick the one that you’re most excited and passionate about.


Associate of Arts - Online A.A
Accounting A.A.
Agriculture and Entrepreneurship A.A. or A.S.
Art and Design A.A.
Athletic Coaching A.A.
Biology A.A. or A.S.
Business A.A.
Chemistry A.A. or A.S.
Counseling A.A.
Criminal Justice A.A.S.
Culinary Arts  A.A.S.
Education (Elementary, Secondary, Physical) A.A.
Engineering A.S.
English/Humanities A.A.
Entrepreneurship A.A.
Forestry 1 year, no formal award
Graphic Design A.A.
Health A.A. or A.S.
History A.A.
Hotel and Restaurant Management A.A.S.
Mass Media/Journalism A.A.
Mathematics A.A. or A.S.
Music A.A.
Natural Resources A.A.
Photography A.A.
Physics A.A. or A.S.
Political Science A.A.
Pre-Professional A.A. or A.S.
Psychology A.A.
Public Relations/Organizational Communication A.A.
Social Work A.A.
Spanish/French A.A.
Sport and Fitness Management A.A.
Theatre A.A.
Undecided A.A.


You’ve found your dream program. So, now what?

Step two – Choose where you’ll go after graduation. Transfer your credits to a four-year school and get your bachelor’s degree, or use your associate’s degree to jump right into your dream career.

Why Start at Indian Hills Before Transferring to a Four-Year School?

  • Saves Money on Tuition
  • Prepares You for Specialized Courses
  • Less Pressure to Choose a Major Right Away


Here are your Arts & Sciences associate degree options at Indian Hills:

  • Associate of Arts (A.A.) – An associate degree in the arts field lets you pick a specific career and jump right into it after graduation.
  • Associate of Science (A.S.) – Also an associate degree, but it jump-starts your career in a science field instead of the arts.
  • Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice (A.A.S.) – Leap into the criminal justice field where you can immediately start making a difference as a police officer, social worker, sociologist, criminologist and more.
  • Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts (A.A.S.) – Use your shiny new associate’s degree to take the culinary world by storm in only two years.

Ready for step three? Pick your campus and apply!

Get your degree in person at the Ottumwa or Centerville campuses or through a County Service Center

Or, get your study on from home! Talk to an academic advisor to find out if Online Learning is a good fit for you.



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